Discover 3 Hidden Things To Do In Germany

If you’re going on a trip to Germany why not see some of the less known destinations instead of just the same old places everyone goes? Germany has a number of travel destinations that can be enjoyed that are not where the typical tourist go. Here we will take a look at 3 hidden things to do in Germany.

1. Spreepark

Anyone who is a fan of the movie ‘Hanna’ which starred a young girl who was a genetically altered baby designed to be an ultimate weapon will enjoy visiting SpreePark in Berlin as it was prominently displayed in that movie.

The park is currently closed and abandoned but can still be visited. The park was built when Germany was still controlled by a communist government and it did well during that era. But after the Wall fell and East Germany was United into one Democratic Germany, the amusement park was taken over by a man that was later found to be guilty of drug smuggling.

Some of the interesting aspects of the park are the fact that much of it is very strange with structures that appear to be grotesque or rabid animals and other bizarre entertainment.

2. Frankenstein’s Castle

The Castle Frankenstein is the birthplace of Johann Dippel, an eccentric Alchemist. Some believe that he may well be the inspiration for the fabled Frankenstein stories.

Many people believed at the time that he was responsible for creating a number of potions and performing therapies using electrical shock and other experiments. It is said that some of those experiments included the use of stolen body parts cut from the bodies of the deceased in graveyards.

Much of the castle is now in Ruins but there continues to be a chapel and a restaurant along with the two main towers. Because of his connection to the Frankenstein Fables, it continues to be a favorite destination but one somewhat less known than others in Germany.

Anyone planning to travel to Germany during Halloween should make this a destination of choice as it is the perfect place for the season.

3. Devil’s Bridge

This is a highly unique feat in architecture. The bridge was built so that when it’s reflection can be seen in the waters beneath it forms a perfect circle. This bridge was first commissioned to be built in the mid-1800s by a Knight living in the local town.

It’s built out of stones found locally and was given the name Devil’s Bridge because it’s considered to be dangerous and the illusion of it forming a perfect circle was believed to be the work of Satan.

The Knight who commissioned the bridge to be built did so with the intention of making it one-half of a perfect circle. Then, during the day when it is reflected off the water, it appears to be a complete circle. Visitors will be able to see this interesting architecture but it is prohibited for tourist to walk on the bridge to help preserve it.